2012 Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Inv.



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Congratulations on your participation in the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Inv.. Once the participating team list becomes available, you should be able to find your team name below. The number to the right of your team name is the number of athletes we currently have listed for your team.

Team Coach/Manager:

A next to your team name indicates that your email address is on file. If you click on the we will send the team password and information on entering or updating your team roster to the team contact.

If there is no next to your name, you can't find your name, or you don't receive your password within five minutes, simply click here and click Need your Userid or Password.


If you click your team name you will be able to either add yourself or have your password sent to you.

U11 Girls A Select scheduleU11 Girls A Select
Get PasswordASC AmbushWI
Get PasswordASC ExplosionWI
Get PasswordMK Gsc Red RushWI
Get PasswordMK TO BlueWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal BlueWI
Get PasswordSussex United U11GWI
U11 Boys Select scheduleU11 Boys Select
Get PasswordElk Grove U10 ForceIL
Get PasswordMSC 11B WhiteWI
Get PasswordMSC U11B MaroonWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal U11 Boys WhiteWI
Get PasswordOFC U-11WI
Get PasswordPolonia SC LightningWI
Get PasswordTosa U11B BlueWI
U12 Girls A Select scheduleU12 Girls A Select
Get PasswordElk Grove GatorsIL
Get PasswordNS Arsenal BlueWI
Get PasswordSE StarsWI
Get PasswordWCFC 12gWI
U11/12 Girls B Select scheduleU11/12 Girls B Select
Get PasswordMK Gsc Black RushWI
Get PasswordMK TO RedWI
Get PasswordMK TO WhiteWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal U11 WhiteWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal White (12)WI
Get PasswordTosa Grey Comets (12)WI
U11/12 Girls B Select scheduleU11/12 Girls B Select
Get PasswordTosa Grey PowerWI
U12 Boys Select scheduleU12 Boys Select
Get PasswordGermantown MustangsWI
Get PasswordMK Elite U12WI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal WhiteWI
Get PasswordPort ClassicsWI
Get PasswordTosa WhiteWI
Under 12 Coed scheduleUnder 12 Coed
Get PasswordTO TorosWI
U13/14 Girls Select scheduleU13/14 Girls Select
Get PasswordMiddleton United SparksWI
Get Passwordmk Alliance Black U13 GirlsWI
Get PasswordNeenah Crossfire RedWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal (13)WI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal (14)WI
Get PasswordOSC StrikersWI
Get PasswordPort U14 Girls SelectWI
Get PasswordTosa CometsWI
U13/14 Boys A Select scheduleU13/14 Boys A Select
Get PasswordGrafton RangersWI
Get PasswordMK Alliance U14 WhiteWI
Get PasswordMK Elite U13 BlueWI
Get PasswordMK Elite U13 RedWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal BlueWI
Get PasswordPort ClassicsWI
Get PasswordSCU CrushersWI
U13/14 Boys A Select scheduleU13/14 Boys A Select
Get PasswordWFB U14B BlueWI
U13/14 Boys B Select scheduleU13/14 Boys B Select
Get PasswordEast Troy SC 43ersWI
Get PasswordMK Alliance U14 BlackWI
Get PasswordMK FinsWI
Get PasswordMK Tosa RangersWI
Get PasswordNS ArsenalWI
Get PasswordNS Arsenal WhiteWI
Get PasswordPolonia Soccer ClubWI
Get PasswordSoutheast SwarmWI
U15 Boys Select scheduleU15 Boys Select
Get PasswordMK Alliance BlackWI
Get PasswordMK Alliance WhiteWI
Get PasswordMK Elite U14WI
Get PasswordMK SE HurricanesWI
U16/17 Boys Select scheduleU16/17 Boys Select
Get PasswordMK United U17 BlueWI
Get PasswordRacine SpartansWI
Get PasswordRedbacksWI
Get PasswordSussex UnitedWI
Get PasswordU17 PW ClassicWI
Get PasswordWFB U16 Boys Blue #1WI
Get PasswordWFB U17 Boys BlueWI
Get PasswordWSC West UnitedWI