2012 GUSA Fall Classic League



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Under 11 Girls scheduleUnder 11 Girls
GUSA U11 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U11 Girls RedNC
GUSA U11 Girls WhiteNC
Under 11 Boys scheduleUnder 11 Boys
GUSA U11 Boys BronzeNC
GUSA U11 Boys RedNC
GUSA U11 Boys SilverNC
GUSA U11 Boys WhiteNC
Under 12 Girls scheduleUnder 12 Girls
GUSA U12 Girls GoldNC
GUSA U12 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U12 Girls RedNC
GUSA U12 Girls WhiteNC
Under 12 Boys scheduleUnder 12 Boys
GUSA U12 Boys BronzeNC
GUSA U12 Boys RedNC
GUSA U12 Boys SilverNC
GUSA U12 Boys WhiteNC
Under 13 Girls scheduleUnder 13 Girls
GUSA U13 Girls NavyNC
Under 13 Girls scheduleUnder 13 Girls
GUSA U13 Girls WhiteNC
Under 13 Boys scheduleUnder 13 Boys
GUSA U13 Boys NavyNC
GUSA U13 Boys RedNC
GUSA U13 Boys WhiteNC
Under 14 Girls scheduleUnder 14 Girls
GUSA U14 Girls GoldNC
GUSA U14 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U14 Girls RedNC
GUSA U14 Girls WhiteNC
Under 14 Boys scheduleUnder 14 Boys
GUSA U14 Boys GoldNC
GUSA U14 Boys NavyNC
GUSA U14 Boys RedNC
GUSA U14 Boys WhiteNC
Under 15 Girls scheduleUnder 15 Girls
GUSA U15 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U15 Girls WhiteNC
Under 15 Boys scheduleUnder 15 Boys
GUSA U15 Boys NavyNC
GUSA U15 Boys RedNC
Under 15 Boys scheduleUnder 15 Boys
GUSA U15 Boys WhiteNC
Under 16 Girls scheduleUnder 16 Girls
GUSA U16 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U16 Girls RedNC
GUSA U16 Girls WhiteNC
Under 16 Boys scheduleUnder 16 Boys
GUSA U16 Boys NavyNC
GUSA U16 Boys RedNC
GUSA U16 Boys WhiteNC
Under 17 Girls scheduleUnder 17 Girls
GUSA U17 Girls NavyNC
GUSA U17 Girls WhiteNC
Under 17 Boys scheduleUnder 17 Boys
GUSA U17 Boys RedNC
GUSA U17 Boys WhiteNC
Under 18 Girls scheduleUnder 18 Girls
GUSA U18 G WhiteNC
GUSA U18 Girls NavyNC
Under 18 Boys scheduleUnder 18 Boys
GUSA U18 Boys NavyNC
GUSA U18 Boys WhiteNC