2012 West Central Ohio Soccer Association



This is not an official list of teams participating in the tournament. This list includes teams indicating their plan to participate via Sports In College.

Under 6 Coed scheduleUnder 6 Coed
New Knoxville U6 (Team 1)OH
New Knoxville U6 (Team 2)OH
New Knoxville U6 (Team 3)OH
New Knoxville U6 (Team 4)OH
Shawnee U6 - BowsherOH
Shawnee U6 - BricknerOH
Shawnee U6 - CaprillaOH
Shawnee U6 - DuffOH
Shawnee U6 - GoodinOH
shawnee U6 - NethOH
Shawnee U6 - NiesenOH
Shawnee U6 - PiselOH
Shawnee U6- PohlmanOH
Wapak TigersOH
Wapak U6 BearsOH
Wapak U6 CougarsOH
Wapak U6 EaglesOH
Wapak U6 HawksOH
Wapak U6 LionsOH
Wapak U6 RavensOH
Wapak U6 SharksOH
Wapak U6 WolvesOH
Under 8 Girls scheduleUnder 8 Girls
Wapak U8G CrewOH
Wapak U8G RapidsOH
Wapak U8G RevolutionOH
Wapak U8G WhitecapsOH
Passers Girls (U8) schedulePassers Girls (U8)
Botkins U-8 Girls BlackOH
Botkins U-8 Girls GoldOH
New Knoxville U8 (Team 8)OH
New Knoxville U8G (Team 7)OH
Under 8 Boys scheduleUnder 8 Boys
Shawnee u8 - GarverOH
Shawnee U8 - BrownOH
Shawnee U8 - LamptonOH
Shawnee U8 - MartinoOH
Shawnee U8 - MorriseyOH
Shawnee U8 - NethOH
Shawnee U8 - ParkerOH
Shawnee U8 - PiselOH
Shawnee U8 - SeitzOH
Shawnee U8 - SmithOH
Shawnee U8 NiesenOH
Shawnee U8- TamayoOH
Wapak ArsenalOH
Wapak U8B AztecsOH
Wapak U8B CosmosOH
Wapak U8B FireOH
Wapak U8B GalaxyOH
Wapak U8B Red BullsOH
Passers Boys (U8) schedulePassers Boys (U8)
Botkins U-8 Boys BlackOH
Botkins U-8 Boys GoldOH
Botkins U-8 Boys GreyOH
Passers Boys (U8) schedulePassers Boys (U8)
New Knoxville U8 (Team 5)OH
New Knoxville U8 (Team 6)OH
Wings Girls (U10) South scheduleWings Girls (U10) South
AnnaU10G (Team 21)OH
AnnaU10G (Team 22)OH
Botkins U-10 Girls BlackOH
Botkins U-10 Girls GoldOH
Jackson Center U10 GirlsOH
New Knoxville U10 (Team 9)OH
New Knoxville U10G (Team10)OH
St Mary's Fever U10 GOH
st Mary's Freedom U10 GOH
St Mary's Sparks U10 GOH
Wings Girls (U10) North scheduleWings Girls (U10) North
Allen East U10 Girls #2OH
Allen East U10G #1OH
Bath U10 Lady CrewOH
Bath U10 Lady GalaxyOH
Elida U10G Even #'sOH
Elida U10G odd#'s orangeOH
LCC U10 GirlsOH
Shawnee Indians Black U10 GirlsOH
Shawnee Indians Red U10 GirlsOH
Wapak 10G RedOH
Wapak 10G WhiteOH
Wings Boys (U10) South scheduleWings Boys (U10) South
AnnaU10B (Team 23)OH
AnnaU10B (Team 24)OH
Botkins U-10 Boys BlackOH
Botkins U-10 Boys GoldOH
Jackson Center U10 BoysOH
New Knoxville U10 (Team 13)OH
New Knoxville U10 (Team 14)OH
St Mary's Hurricanes U10 BOH
St Mary's Nets U10 BOH
St Mary's Thunder U10 BOH
St. Marys Swarm U10 BOH
Wings Boys (U10) North scheduleWings Boys (U10) North
Allen East U10 Boys #1OH
Allen East U10 Boys #2OH
Bath U10 CrewOH
Bath U10 GalaxyOH
Elida U10B OrangeOH
Elida U10B WhiteOH
Shawnee Indians Black U10 BoysOH
Shawnee Indians Red U10 BoysOH
Shawnee Indians Silver U10 (Clark)OH
Shawnee Indians White U10 BoysOH
Wapak U10BOH
Strikers Girls (U12) scheduleStrikers Girls (U12)
Allen East Girls U12OH
AnnaU12G (Team 25)OH
AnnaU12G (Team 26)OH
Bath U12 Lady CatsOH
Elida U12G OrangeOH
Jackson Center U12OH
Strikers Girls (U12) scheduleStrikers Girls (U12)
LCC Girls U12OH
New Knoxville U12G (Team 12)OH
Shawnee Indians Red U12 GirlsOH
Shawnee Indians White U12 GirlsOH
Spartan Girls U12OH
St Mary's Monsoons U12 GOH
St Mary's Storm U12 GOH
Wapak U12G RedOH
Wapak U12G WhiteOH
Striker Boys (U12) scheduleStriker Boys (U12)
Allen East Boys U12OH
Bath U12 Boys WildcatsOH
Botkins U-12 BoysOH
Elida U12B BlackOH
Jackson Center U12 BoysOH
New Knoxville U12 (Team 11)OH
Shawnee Blue Jackets U12 BoysOH
Shawnee Indians U12 BoysOH
Spartan Boys U12OH
Spencerville Bearcats U12 BoysOH
St Mary's Bombers U12 BoysOH
St Mary's Wildfire U12 BoysOH
Temple Christian PioneersOH
Wapak U12BOH
Kickers Girls (U14) scheduleKickers Girls (U14)
Allen East U14OH
Bath U14 Lady CatsOH
Bath U14 Lady KittensOH
Botkins U-14 GirlsOH
Celina U14 Girls - LauxOH
Coldwater U14 GirlsOH
Elida U14 G OrangeOH
Elida U14 Girls BlackOH
LCC Girls U14OH
New Knoxville U14 Girls (Team 15)OH
Shawnee Indians Red - U14 GirlsOH
Shawnee Indians White - U14 girlsOH
Spartan Girls U14OH
st Mary's Flames U14 GirlsOH
St Mary's Lightning U14 GirlsOH
Kickers Boys (U14) scheduleKickers Boys (U14)
Bath U14 WildcatsOH
Celina U14 boys - MillsOH
Elida Orange U14 BoysOH
Jackson Center U14OH
LCC Boys U14OH
New Knoxville U14 (Team 16)OH
Shawnee Indians U14 BoysOH
Spartan Boys U14OH
Spencerville BearcatsOH
St Mary's Fire U14OH
Temple Christian PioneersOH
Wapak U14 Co-EdOH